Batman Arkham Origins: 8 Assassins Hidden in The Trailer

Everything is good to start a rumor, but sometimes there is more to it than just words. Indeed sometimes studios hide elements in trailers and it is the case here in the Batman Arkham Origins trailer (available in 3D).

Youtubes users performed an in depth study of the trailer and they found what appears to be a

Subliminal Message

When the video starts , as soon as the Mask appears, you can see some kind of smoke behind and around it. Well it is not smoke, in fact this « smoke » hides 8 faces, which probably belong to the 8 assassins trying to kill Batman.

The study reveals 8 characters, and out of the 8, 4 has been formally identified.

  1. Assassin 1 ( unknown )
  2. Assassin 2 ( unknown )
  3. Assassin 3 ( unknown )
  4. Assassin 4 ( unknown )
  5. CopperHead
  6. DeathStroke
  7. ​Bane
  8. DeadShot

Do you know who are the lasts unknow assassins ?