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Valentino Rossi The Game nous dévoile le MOTORANCH VR46

Milestone, développeur italien spécialisé dans les jeux de course, vient de publier une vidéo consacrée au MotoRanch VR46, inclus pour la toute première fois dans un jeu de course. Valentino Rossi The Game sera disponible au format physique et numérique à partir du 16 juin 2016 sur PlayStation 4, Xbox One et Windows PC/STEAM.

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Les collines et les vallées de Tavullia forment le cadre exceptionnel du MotoRanch VR46, qui ouvre pour la première fois ses portes aux joueurs du monde entier. Le MotoRanch, camp d’entraînement de Valentino Rossi et des pilotes de la VR46 Riders Academy, rassemble plusieurs circuits sur lesquels vous allez pouvoir découvrir une discipline passionnante, le Flat Track. Au guidon d’une moto de Flat Track, 12 pilotes s’affrontent sur un circuit spécifique en utilisant une technique de dérapage avec jambe tendue vers l’extérieur. En apparence similaire au motocross et au supermotard, le Flat Track diffère par son approche et par la surface du circuit. Pour gagner, un pilote doit faire preuve de talent, apprivoiser le terrain (qui change en fonction de la saison) et tenir compte des conditions météo.



Award winning developer Playrise Digital and Publisher Ripstone announced today that Table Top Racing will be skidding onto the PlayStation® Store on 5th August in US and 6th August in Europe, where it will be available to download on PlayStation® Vita for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch!

Table Top Racing is a AAA micro combat racer that pits all manner of custom-made, miniaturised cars against one another. Welcome to a world of table top race tracks, over-sized obstacles and glorious power-ups. Table Top Racing may be miniature but don’t be fooled by its size! It comes complete with a full championship mode in single player along with quick play and drift modes and over 30 special events. Players can also look forward to full live online multiplayer and play with up to 4 friends online or locally.

The PlayStation Vita game has been improved from grid to chequered flag, making this the definitive version of Table Top Racing. Boasting a silky-smooth 60 FPS, enhanced environments, double the polygon count in the track geometry, double the texture resolution and superior handling; it’s not only the best looking version, it’s also best played on PlayStation® Vita. The Playrise Digital team have also taken full advantage of the Vita’s controls and rear touch features, allowing players much improved handling, proper racing controls and a rear touch view… this is powered up micro racing at its best!

The game has been developed by a crack team of some of the industries finest racer veterans. The team is headed up of ex-Sony Studio Liverpool game designer and co-creator of WipEout, Nick Burcombe as well as ex-Bizarre Creations folk, so it’s no wonder the game has already proven hugely successful on mobile – with over 5.3 million downloads to date.

« We believe that Table Top Racing for PlayStation Vita is the ultimate version of our award winning micro combat racer,” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO Playrise Digital. “The Vita has enhanced our game in so many ways with our favourite addition being the hugely improved multi-player mode. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Ripstone to bring this improved Table Top Racing to Vita gamers and we hope they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it. »