GTA V target of hackers – PS3

Not long ago, it was Sony apologized to Rockstar Game following the premature release of GTA V game on the Playstation Networks. Following this, many website we disseminate images and information such as Soundtrack of the game before the official release. Today is through BitDefender one learns a trojan is hidden in the versions currently in circulation on the net. In fact, many hackers have jumped at the chance of this « leak » to do the same by broadcasting a fake GTA V with a trojan that promises you can play the game if you activate it with a serial number that you can get by sending an SMS to € 1. Off the trap, that it’s not the game, but the SMS is a subscription of € 1 per day until you stop the service, as saying that many players « hackers » this may be trapped.

What you should know is that right now, Rockstar did not broadcast the game and the only legal solutions for the game are the « boxes » or digital versions on legal download platforms such as Playstation Networks (PS3) and Steam (PC)