How to hack Vanguards in Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Many of you are wondering how does the hacking work in Killzone Mercenary, to make you guys wait until our test is released, we are going to try to break down for you that hacking feature.

Indeed, there is no tutorial in Killzone mercenary concerning hacking ennemies’ computers.

At some points in the game you will find yourself in front of a locked door that you will have to hack, and the further you’ll go in the game the harder it will  become to hack. So Here is our tip to become a great hacker.

So here you are in front of the locked door. The idea is to merge two symbols that are on the side to make only one (the one in the middle). 

First you have to observe the symbol in the middle, the black areas of the symbol in the middle  corresponding to the yellow marks on the side ones.

For the 1st lock  you have to  merge symbols C and F. Understood ? 

Try to do the second one.

Here is the answer:
Merge symbols A and C.

You are now ready to gather all intel in ennemy bases.