Preview : NCAA Football 14

NCAA Football is back with its 2014 edition. Here is a preview of the game. 

To  begin with, the training mode is very well conceived for the  beginners as well as for the well trained players. It allows you to learn news offense and defense moves and tactics. 

Based on little drills at the begining, you will be facing matchs situations with objectives to achieve in order to unlock trophies and medals. 

This game mode called Nike Skills is really user friendly and highlights the  new features of NCAA 14

nike skills

Les modes de jeu habituels aussi sont présents : road to glory, Practice game, dynasty 101, dynasty online,… 

Avec en plus cette année, l’arrivée de l’ultimate team, fonctionnant comme sur FIFA à l’aide de cartes.

The game itself doesn’t show a lot of graphic improvement but the apparition of the new engine the ‘infinity engine’ is more than noticed.

We can feel the difference on contacts and while running the ball. A lot more realistic, runs are more fluid and hits are very well realized. Analyzing the game essential either in offense or defense.

In defense you’ll have to be on your guard because running players will  be much harder to catch.

The only bad thing yet is the lack of social media connectivity, it would have been cool to share huge touchdowns, catches or sacks. 

NCAA Football 14 will be available on july 9th in North America.


Fireyan’s opinion :

I can only enjoy NCAA Football 14, to me it is faster and funner to play than the Madden NFL Franchise.