Street Fighter coming to PS4

On Yoshi Onochin’s Twitter page, you can find a strange picture. Yes, the picture of the « green hero » statue of Street Fighter with a Dualshock 4 controller next to it. Do you think that it is a sign of the next Street Fighter coming to PS4 ?


ウル4のβロケテストのご意見は、ドンドン公式 綾野blogへポストして頂ければ拝読させて頂きます。先週末は皆さん、有難うございました。Thanks for test playing USF4 at location-test!

— Yoshinori Ono (@Yoshi_OnoChin) 3 Février 2014



It is important to remind you that Yoshi Ono is a Producer of Capcom in charge of Street Fighter IV and of next evolution of the game.