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Switch Galaxy Ultra enfin disponible sur PS4

C'est avec le plus grand plaisir que notre équipe de rédaction PSzone.FR et l'équipe de développement de Gary Nichols de chez Atomicom annoncent la sortie ce jour de Galaxy Switch Ultra, un jeu de course de vaiseau qui est donc disponible sur le Playstation Store. De plus, il est le seul jeu disposant d'un DLC destiné à soutenir une oeuvre de charité. Le jeu est donc disponible dès ce jour (17 décembre 2014) au prix de 14.99€ et le sera au Etats-Unis dès le 23 décembre. Nous sommes fiers de vous l'annoncer car l'un de nos rédacteurs, Thibaud est le traducteur de la version Française du jeu.

Switch Galaxy Ultra’s release date window is getting narrowed, more info and screenshots inside

Switch Galaxy Ultra is racer game developped by Atomicom studio based in Liverpool. The announcement was made following Sony’s keynote at GamesCom on August 20th. Switch Galaxy Ultra is set to release on PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

“The recognition and enthusiasm for Switch Galaxy from the PlayStation community and press has been fantastic. We are thrilled at the opportunity to not only make a native Vita version but to also create a PlayStation®4 version. We had a lot of plans to develop Switch Galaxy further and thanks to the support of Shahid and his team at SCEE, all of this is now possible.”

– Gary Nichols, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomicom

Switch Galaxy Ultra is a fast-paced arcade challenge with stunning visuals and high quality audio. You will have to weave your way past obstacles and enemies as you travel across the galaxy collecting the highly prized Tantalum for Dakur Technology.

In Switch Galaxy Ultra you can earn and collect credits to spend on new ships and upgrades, hit speed-ups and collect power-ups to get record times and take part in 2 online multiplayer modes.

There will be a comic book that you can unlock as you progress in the game here is a sample of this Comic Book:

As Lucky as we are we have had the chance to interview Mister Nichols (who kept us informed on the game’s development) twice (You can find these interviews here and there).

Switch Galaxy Ultra Features:

  • Truly exhilarating high-speed gameplay at 60FPS and at 1080p on PS4
  • Cross Buy, Cross Play and Cross Save
  • 6 Vehicles fully upgradable
  • 55 challenging levels
  • Multiplayer cross play features 2 modes for up to 4 players
  • Simple controls for reflex-action
  • Episodic Comic designed by original WipeOut concept artist Darren Douglas
  • Cities designed by WipeOut co-creator Jim Bowers
  • DLC charity pack with licensed music
  • Leaderboards and Achievements


So far no release date has been announced, Gary however, told us yesterday (May 19th) that Switch Galaxy Ultra should be released in July depending on the pending validation of the game by Sony.

Just like the mobile version of the game, Switch Galaxy Ultra, is not a regular Racer, controls have been simplified, if focuses on the player’s ability to avoid obstacles on his way.  The game being very fast paced, your reflexs are going to have a hard time keeping up with the increasing exhilarating speed of your ship.

La date de sortie de Switch Galaxy Ultra se précise

Switch Galaxy Ultra, est un jeu développé par le Studio Atomicom, basé à Liverpool. L’annonce de l’arrivée sur PlayStation 4 et PS Vita de Switch Galaxy Ultra a été faite à la GamesCom lors de la Conférence de Sony, le 20 aout dernier.

« La reconnaissance et l’enthousiasme de la communauté PlayStation et de la presse envers Switch Galaxy a été fantastique. Nous sommes ravis de pouvoir faire une version PS Vita native du jeu ainsi qu’une version PS4. Nous avions beaucoup d’idées pour développer Switch Galaxy, grâce au soutien de Shahid et de son équipe à SCEE, c’est maintenant possible. »
– Gary Nichols, CEO et Co-Fondateur de Atomicom.

 Nous avons eu l’occasion d’effectuer deux interviews (ici et ) avec le fondateur du Studio, Monsieur Gary Nichols, qui nous a tenu au courant tout au long du développement du soft.

Switch Galaxy Ultra featurera :

  • 60FPS/1080p sur PS4.
  • Cross Buy, Cross Play et Cross Save.
  • 6 véhicules améliorables.
  • 55 Niveaux.
  • Multijoueur en Cross-Play dans deux modes de jeu jusqu’à 4 joueurs.
  • Des contrôles simples pour des actions basées sur les reflexes du joueur.
  • Un comic book épisodique (en Français) que l’on débloque au fur et à mesure du jeu.
  • Villes réalisées par le Co-Créateur de WipeOut Jim Bowers.
  • Le pack DLC Charity qui inclura des musiques sous license.
  • Leaderboards et Achievements

Jusqu’à présent aucune date n’avait été précisée si ce n’est une sortie au cours du 2ème trimestre de 2014, Gary Nichols nous a précisé hier (lundi 19 mai) que le jeu était en cours de validation par Sony et qu’une de sortie en juillet était envisagée.



Comme la version mobile du jeu, le Switch Galaxy Ultra, n’est pas un jeu de course comme les autres, les contrôles sont très simples et le focus est porté sur les capacités du joueur à éviter les obstacles sur son chemin. Les décors défilant à toute vitesse, vos réflexes seront mis à rude épreuve tout au long du jeu.

Comme je vous le disais plus haut, il y a un Comic Book inclu dans le jeu que vous pourrez débloquer au fur et à mesure de votre progression, dont voici un aperçu. Pour l’instant c’est en anglais, mais une version française sera également disponible (je le sais puisque j’ai moi même traduit le comic book pour Monsieur Nichols).

Switch Galaxy Ultra - Comic Book

Monsieur Nichols nous a proposé de nous envoyer une version test du jeu mais ne possédant pas de Dev Kit PS4 nous ne pouvons pas faire tourner le jeu. Il nous faudra donc attendre une version retail de Switch Galaxy Ultra pour faire un test approfondi du soft.

Caudwell Children Goes Intergalactic with Switch Galaxy Ultra on PS4

A national children’s charity is set for a starring role in a next generation computer game following its partnership with a leading UK game developer.

Caudwell Children will feature within the new Switch Galaxy Ultra game after a deal to support the Children’s charity was reached with games developer Atomicom.

The Liverpool based studio have been making games since 2005 and it is hoped that their relationship with Caudwell Children will raise funds as well as widespread awareness for the charity.

Switch Galaxy Ultra, which is set to be launched exclusively on the eagerly anticipated new PlayStation® 4, is in the first wave of titles to be released on the successor to Sony’s immensely popular PlayStation® 3 console.

Described as “an insanely addictive, fast-paced, reflex-based arcade challenge with two modes of play, gorgeous visuals and high quality audio”, the new Switch Galaxy Ultra will feature a Caudwell Children download pack which will include an exclusive Caudwell Children ship upgrade and provide players with access to exciting new levels and special features. All of Atomicom’s profits from the pack will be donated to the charity.

The title will also be available on Sony’s portable PlayStation® Vita, enabling players to take their experience with them on the go. It will also be made available on PlayStation® 3 in due course.

Launched at the recent Gamescom trade fair in Cologne, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomicom, Gary Nichols said:

“We are delighted to announce our support for Caudwell Children.

We have wanted to work with the charity for a while and feel this is the perfect time for us to support them so we devised an exclusive download pack for them with sales of this going to help support the work they do. We can’t wait to launch the game as it’s really come a long way since we launched Switch on mobile back in 2011, it’s quite an amazing story for us to have the latest version launching on PS4 and PS Vita and to bring Caudwell Children with us along for the ride.”

Trudi Beswick, CEO of Caudwell Children said:

“The announcement that Caudwell Children will play a key role within Switch Galaxy Ultra is a fantastic one for the charity.

Having our own download pack within the game will in no small way help us deliver practical and emotional support to families caring for disabled children

I would like to thank all the team at Atomicom for their generosity and I look forward to seeing Caudwell Children’s name spread further.”


Charity and video games are teaming up to bring hope to children, what better way to envision video games ? 

Lets learn more About Caudwell Children

To date Caudwell Children has provided services worth over £25million to thousands of children with over 500 different medical conditions. The Charity is committed to changing the lives of children by providing specialist equipment, treatment and therapy as well as its annual ‘Destination Dreams’ holiday for families coping with a child’s terminal illness and their Family Support services.

Caudwell Children was registered in March 2000 and is widely recognised as one of the country’s fastest growing children’s charities. Since its inception the charity has doubled every pound raised, achieved through supplier partnerships, which means every pound donated works even harder.

The Charity was founded by entrepreneur, John Caudwell, whose vision was to create a sustainable children’s charity that offered benefactors’ transparency and peace of mind that 100% of their donation was being used to directly change children’s lives.

By donating the cost of the Charity’s annual management and administration overheads, John has guaranteed an efficient way for individuals and businesses to change the lives of thousands of sick and disabled children living in the UK.

John Caudwell remains the Charity’s largest benefactor and sits as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The Charity’s ambassadors include Hollywood actress and author, Joan Collins, actress Elizabeth Hurley, Rod and Penny Stewart, Peter Andre, Bruce Forsyth and singer, Robbie Williams. The late Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately, was also a Goodwill Ambassador for the Charity.