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Tales of Berseria nous presente de nouveaux personnages, un nouvel environnement et un système de combat détaillé

Tales of Berseria, qui est prévu sur Playstation 4 et PC, revient aujourd’hui avec davantages d’informations et de caractéristiques. Dans cette nouvelle aventure, le joueur incarne Velvet, la première héroïne, et personnage principale de l’histoire de Tales Of, dans un monde où la raison est confrontée aux émotions.

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Pure Pool update is live on PS4

VooFoo Studios and Ripstone publishing announced today that the initial Pure Pool update is available to download now on PlayStation®4 and PC via Steam.

After carefully considering feedback from the community, the team at VooFoo have developed this initial update, which not only includes various improvements based on user feedback, it also delivers fresh content. Players can even look forward to the addition of the brand new game mode; UK 8-Ball.

The full list of improvements for both PlayStation®4 and PC is detailed below:

  • New game mode – UK Black-Ball (UK 8-Ball) added to the roster (see picture above).
  • New ‘Master’ difficulty with aim aids turned off.
  • 9-Ball free table – If the player has 9-Ball as their default game type the 9-Ball rack will be set up in free-play mode rather than the current forced 8-Ball.
  • General AI improvements including:

    • Improved ball in hand placement
    • Ability to get out of snookers reduced
    • Amateur difficulty slightly toned down
    • Removed long AI wait times when ball near to a cushion
  • Challenge notification icon – This displays an icon next to the players ‘Games’ option to inform them they have received a challenge from another player.
  • Offline Player Challenge notification – System level. Invites appear in player’s notification even if they don’t have Pure Pool installed.
  • Opponent player card accessible mid-game – Allows the player to see their opponent’s player card at any time during a match.
  • Opponent able to view player’s table cam – Allows the player to see through the camera of the opponent when walking around the table.
  • Player online feed only for friends – Removed player online notifications. Only displays friends who come online.
  • Diamonds on the table rails to help players when shooting doubles.
  • Yellow aim line made more distinct to reduce confusion between the two lines.
  • Potting the black from the break now re-racks the balls.
  • Player is now asked if they want to play against a DNA opponent or wants to continue searching for another online player.
  • DNA now displayed next to the user name to clearly mark it out as an AI player.
  • Server optimization.
  • Opponents cue movement made visible in real time in online matches.
  • Bug fix for players games not timing out and the game being awarded to the absent player.
  • Bug fix to stop the players changing their difficulty mid-challenge and posting their score/time on the incorrect leaderboard.
  • Fix for rankings and career mode trophies not being awarded (should retrospectively unlock any the player should have been awarded after one career match).
  • Fix for losing spin and table control when pressing the triangle button during a shot on PS4.
  • Fix for not being able to select language type on PC.
  • Fix for inverted controls when ball-in-hand on PC.
  • Fix for sound only coming out of headphones on PC.
  • Vibration added for power shots.

« We’d like to take this opportunity to thank fans for their patience and concise feedback which has aided us in the development of the update. We urge fans to continue to feed back to us on their experiences with the game and hope that they enjoy the improvements and fresh content on offer in the update » – Mark Williams; Technical Director, VooFoo Studios.


PurePool sortira le 29 juillet sur Playstation 4

Nous vous en avons déjà pmarlé au mois de mai, le jeu de billard Pure Pool, sera disponible, comme prévu, cette été. Mais aujourd’hui, nous pouvons même vous annoncer la date car celle-ci vient de nous être communiqué. En effet, les studio Indépendant VooFoo viennent d’annoncer que le très attendu jeu de billard Pure Pool sortira en exclusivité console sur Playstation 4 le 29 juillet prochain en Europe et le 30 juillet pour les USA. Voici 3 screenshots de Pure Pool 8 sur Playstation 4. Le jeu sera également disponible sur PC via Steam le 31 juillet.

[Press Release] Pure Pool cued for launch on PlayStation 4 and Steam!

Indie developers VooFoo Studios and Publisher Ripstone announced today that Pure Pool; the latest addition to the Pure series will shooting onto PlayStation®4 on 29th July in Europe and on 30th July in the US, in addition to PC via Steam on 31st July.

After the success of the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings on PlayStation 3, VooFoo Studios have honed their craft and taken hyper-realism to a whole new level with Pure Pool. Renowned for beautiful high definition graphics and silky-smooth gameplay, not only can players expect full immersion in a living, busting pool hall, but the team at VooFoo have raised the quality bar higher than ever resulting in the ultimate pool game.

Offering four game modes in single player from classic American 8 Ball to Killer and four challenges from Royal Rumble to Perfect Potter, players can refine their skills solo or relish in the challenges of full live online multiplayer – competing against the best in one-on-one matches and in global online and custom leagues.

Promising players the most authentic pool experience outside of real life, Pure Pool not only boasts the most convincing baize and balls in pool simulation history – the game has been built from the ground up with the idea of connecting players.

Pure Pool tracks players’ individual gaming-styles – closely monitoring traits, ranging from the length of time it takes for a player to take a shot to the number of balls are potted in quick succession. This will create a unique DNA profile as they play, allowing gamers to take on AI interpretations of their friends and foes, no matter whether they’re online or not.  Players’ pool skills will be challenged to the maximum by weighing up against the DNA profiles of the development team or snooker, pool and gaming superstars.




Nouveau trailer pour Pure Pool sur PS4

L’éditeur de jeux indépendants RipStone a montré le prochain jeu de VooFoo’s Studios: Pure Pool  à l’E3 dernier.
Pour rappel, Pure Pool est une jeu de Billard « Social » qui vous emmènera dans un Hall de Billard rempli de joueur Online, tous ne souhaitant qu’une seule chose… vous battre dans une partie en 1vs1.

Toutefois la fonctionnalité de profiling Pure DNA, donne au mode solo une dimension sociale, vous permettant de vous entrainer contre vos amis quand ceux-ci sont absents. Ceci étant rendu possible par une interprétation de leur style de jeu réalisé par l’Intelligence Artificielle du jeu. Le joueurs pourront même affronter les développeurs du jeu simplement en téléchargeant leurs profile DNA qui seront gratuits au lancement du jeu. 




Pure Pool sera disponible sur PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.