Interview with Dead Island 2 Creative Producer - Anthony Cardahi

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During the french video games expo aka Paris Games Week, we had the chance to interview Anthony Cardahi - Creative Producer of Deep Silver currently working on Dead Island 2. Here is what he told us.

As a Creative Producer, Anthony works on all aspects of game, find new concepts, checks out concepts that are discussed with him, and in the case of a game development, he comes in support of the developers to define the design of the game, see what is going to work out and what is not, in order to improve the player experience, fun and to make sure that they end up with a game that will meet players expectations.

We know Dead Island 2 focuses on cooperation  between players, so when we asked Anthony, how far they are planning on pushing that aspect, especially when it comes to crafting, selling, or exchanging weapons. Anthony told us we will be able to craft and to sell weapons in dead Island 2. “In dead island 1 there was an “exchange feature, and this aspect is most likely coming back” commented Anthony. We also asked him if we would be able to finish the game solo or  if we will be obligated to team up to finish the game. His answer was very clear:

“A few years ago I never thought I would have to say it but nowadays it looks like solo gaming has become a feature so YES you can play Dead Island 2 solo, no need to have an internet connection. “

Now that it is out of the way lets see what awaits us when we want to play Dead Island 2 Online. What deep silver Creative producer told is pretty interesting, in dead island 2, if you choose to play online, the game is going to fill up with other players similar to The Crew, from that moment on you will be able to pick up another player, do stuff together and help each other or go separate ways whenever you want to. A PVP component has been added to dead island 2, public event  will take place in the game and you will have the possibility of backstabbing other players in order to get the loot.

“We also added events that will generate PVP situations where all alliances won’t matter anymore and where people will be backstabbing each other so they can get the loot !”

Lets talk about the word in dead island 2, we already know that several maps will be available (Los Angeles and San Francisco have been announced so far), Anthony revealed that other cities will be announced later on. The map of Dead island 2 will be significantly bigger and richer in terms of diversity and activities than what we have seen so far in the Dead Island franchise.  There will be safe zones, where non-immunized characters will hide and try to survive. When you enter those areas it will be up to you to help them, and if you do so you will  be able to see the impact your help has on the Dead Island 2’s world. Then it is our understanding that the environment in dead island 2 will evolve depending on your actions.

“We are trying to implement it as much as we can, see changes taking place in the world as you are helping others, we want the player to have that feeling, that impact of making a difference.”

We are spectators of the video game market evolution, and you surely noticed the multiplication of companion apps over the past years, so we asked Anthony if there will be one for dead island 2.

“If it happens, it will be because of the value it can provide to the player, we are not doing things because it is trendy or something.”

When asked about possible DLC, Anthony ‘s answer was kind of evasive, saying that nothing was decided for now beside the exclusive content for PS4, and they were still studying different means to bring people content internally.

I wanted to thank Mr. Cardahi for his time and I hope you guys enjoyed reading the interview.