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Sucker Punch prépare un jeu PS4 à la 3ème personne avec des combats de mêlée – Vers un nouvel inFAMOUS ?

Nous savons déjà depuis un moment que Sucker Punch (inFAMOUS) travaille sur un nouveau jeu PS4.

Ce qu’on ne sait pas c’est si ce sera une nouvelle IP ou si les développeurs de Seattle resteront dans leur jardin avec un nouveau inFAMOUS.

Toutefois, une offre d’emploi publié sur le site de Sucker Punch nous en apprend plus sur le jeu en préparation…

We’re looking for a combat designer who knows how to throw a good digital punch (and make it feel realistic viz-a-viz a game controller). If you’ve got at least one shipped AAA title where you were instrumental in the design its 3rd person melee system, please send us your resume. We’ll read it, talk to you on the phone, laugh at your jokes, and hopefully start giving you money in exchange for your combat design expertise.


  • Be the driving force behind melee design at Sucker Punch.
  • Collaborate effectively with contributing teams members (code, animation, sound); helping to bring together all the best ideas into one functioning whole.
  • Create well defined tasks with clear deadlines for contributing team members.
  • Provide crisp feedback in order to quickly iterate on concepts, proposing solutions as well as criticisms.
  • Playtest melee concepts (both internally and externally), then interpret results and make changes.
  • Participate in the larger scope of the game’s design (contributing without being asked) with an eye towards making the best possible complete experience.


  • Demonstrated ability to lead a strike team from various skillsets (code, animation, sound).

  • At least 4 years of game design production experience.

  • Demonstrated ability as the driving force on a AAA 3rd person melee combat system.

  • (Please send us a link to a video showing off that combat system)

  • Position is currently open to those eligible to work in the States, and willing to relocate to Bellevue, WA.

Il semblerait donc que le prochain jeu de Sucker Punch soit un jeu AAA narratif à la 3ème personne avec des phases de combat de mêlée ce qui ressemble beaucoup au système d’un inFAMOUS.

 Source: Dualshockers